ShinyClan was not evil her whole life, she just whated to be noticeable not to be evil cause of her great grandfather Tigerstar.


Brightstar saw Skystripe of SkyClan he was so beutiful, her father was the son of Tigerstar. His name was Rainstar he is still alive. She loved that tom. In two days she will have kits no ones kits.

Two days later she gave brith to Shinykit, Shinekit and Wolfkit. She knew her kits will be great warriors. She need to find Skystripe now to ask to be her mate.

When her kits turn four moons old, her son Shinekit was kill by a dog, the dog attacked the camp. She almost lost a life.

Skystripe is the deputy of SkyClan, even though his name is Skystripe, so he is breaking code. So did Firestar and Flamestar.

Chapter 1Edit

Shinykit was washing herself when her mother came back from somewhere. She miss her brother Shinekit but he die one moon ago.

She miss her brother and her sister Wolfkit she went to live in SkyClan.

She was the only one who is left from her litter that is still in BrightClan.