Nightclaw is a black she-cat with moon blue eyes and a scar on left eye

Leader of ShadowClan has killed past leader

Nightclaw has black fur with two white paws on her front paws and a bit of white at the end of her tail and a red collar with sharp spikes made out of a leopards teeth because of her strength she killed a leopard and ripped its teeth off as a prize of killing it so she tried to pull of her collar with a tooth but it got stuck on her collar so she saw it as a spike and put more in her collar.


Night was born to Star and Moon with one sibling Moon (Moon Fur)

At the age of 6 moons old her mother and father die of greencough. Her brother became insance.

Personality: Is very strong and became leader at the age of 21 moons Edit

Family: Mother and father died has one sibling which is her twin sister MoonEdit

Triva: unknownEdit

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