FalconpawThis is Falconpaw in Real life.


Falconpaw is black tom with green eyes, white patches, long claws and runs really fast like a falcon while the bird is flying. Powers of a Falcon and wings of a Falcon.

Apprentice of BirdClan.

Roleplay by Wildwindstar.


Falcon was born to Shiny(Shinystar) and Snow(Snowstar) with one sibling Robin.

At age of one moon He was brought to BirdClan by Shinystar to a queen name Wolffur and her mate Herbstorm. So did Robin with the name Robinkit and Falconkit.

Falconkit did not know about his real parents are. He met Wildwind and Birdstar.

Wolffur is his aunt but he thinks she is his aunt.

At the age of six moons old Falconpaw with the mentor Birdstar and his sister Robinpaw with the deputy.



Shinystar alive in ShinyClan.


Snowstar alive in SnowClan.


Robinpaw alive

Apoted Mother/AuntEdit

Wolffur alive

Apoted Father/UncleEdit

Herbstorm alive

Haft siblings/ CousinsEdit

Softkit alive

Swiftkit alive

Howlkit alive




  • He is the son of Shinystar and Snowstar
  • Is haft Clan Haft loner, haft ShinyClan and haft SnowClan.
  • Falconpaw warrior name will be Falconsnow.
  • He will find out who is his real parnets are.
  • He is a prophecy cat.
  • He will become the deputy after Birdstar dies of greencough for the four time.
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