1st ProphecyEdit


Shiny, Snow, Falcon, Wolf and Robin will find the land with no rain

Find the cat with the powers of everything.

One will be lost forever.

Land of Rain has no water at all, so find the cat with powers of everything.


Falconpaw look in BirdClan.

Robinpaw look in BirdClan.

Shinystar look in ShinyClan.

Snowstar look in SnowClan.

Wolffur look in BirdClan.

RPG centerEdit

Shinystar walk over to the Shinypool she was still training in Dark Maroon but she is a the prophecy. When she saw her rival Snowstar of SnowClan.FlameXFire. You Can't Break True Love. 21:57, December 3, 2011 (UTC)